UHead or Forkhead Attachments These attachments are primarily used for supporting an object once it’s in place on top of an Acrow prop. As you may have guessed form the name, these items are a “U” or “Fork” shape and they are designed to hold an object on top of one or several props and stop it from slipping off.


Basically, these are temporary beams, used to hold up a structure while structural work is being done. These needle beams are often used to hold up a house/building/structure, while doing foundation work.

These types of temporary works are used on the majority of construction projects which involve partial, the whole demolition or refurbishment of projects. It is very important when designing a needling beam system, that you understand how the existing structure works.

This will involve researching existing floor plans, calculations and surveying the existing building. This ensures that the correct design criteria is used for the design of the needling beam system being utilized on site.

We supply various size needle beams, please contact us for specifications.