How it Works

When forming structural openings, our temporary works focus on propping and needling. When undertaking this element of works we:

  • Secure the site and ensure safe access (may involve installing some temporary works)Understand how the structure works by researching existing information and carrying out on-site surveys

  • Identify the need for temporary works and associated risks

  • Obtain consent from owners of neighbouring structures that may be affected

  • Provide competent persons to carry out the design and design checking (permanent and temporary works)
  • Make safe the existing structure (may involve installing some temporary works) in preparation for the main works

  • Trained Specialists carry out demolition/refurbishment and rebuild in an agreed sequence (may involve installing further temporary works) and control the works by using a permit-to-load system

  • Review and manage on-site alterations and changes

  • Insert permanent works such as – concrete Pad-stones, concrete lintels and steel beams and columns

  • Make good and secure all masonry above the inserted permanent works

  • Remove any temporary works in an agreed sequence so load is transferred to the permanent works and control the works by using a permit-to-remove system