Put simply, an acrow prop is a temporary vertical support used in the construction industry to hold up load bearing objects, preventing them from collapsing while building or repair work is carried out below.

As a vertical support product, Acrow props can be used in scaffolding, or for direct support when:

  • Creating a hole in a wall, such as to create an archway, window or doorway

  • Removing a wall

  • Falsework support to reinforced concrete and beams

  • Raking shores to brace formwork for walls, stairs and columns

  • Temporary support for repairs, lintels, beams and canopies, installation of wall ties, new windows or doors

  • Providing the vertical strength and base from which additional support products can be added, Acrow props also offer compatibility with other support products, making them versatile, cost effective to use and time-effective to install and adapt as work progresses

Acrow props are fully compatible for being used in combination with:

  • Timber needles to spread the load weight so that the load is supported in the middle. These heavy timber beams are generally supported by Acrow Props from about 200mm in at each end

  • Strongboy Brackets to offer additional support of up to 340kg per bracket

  • Forkheads to enable timber beams to be held safely in place

You have a choice of five different prop sizes, with various height ranges:

Acrow Prop Size Closed Height
(Lowest achieved when fully closed)
Open Height
(Maximum achieved when fully open)
Size 0 Prop 1.014m 1.829m
Size 1 Prop 1.753m 3.124m
Size 2 Prop 1.981m 3.352m
Size 3 Prop 2.590m 3.962m
Size 4 Prop 3.200m 4.876m