We can supply and size needle beam that is specified by your structural engineer

A scaffolding brace can be positioned in the following ways:

Cross or transverse braces – This type of brace is mainly run diagonally in between the inside ledger and is fixed to the outside standards using a swivel coupler to boost the frameworks firmness. They can also be fixed ledger to ledger on the lifts above the base out.

Scaffold tube bracing is used to stabilise and secure vertical and horizontal temporary props from movement for when the alteration or deconstruction of a building takes place.

We have various size scaffold tube, please contact us for details.

Needle beams – UB’s
152mm x 89mm x 16UB
178mm x 102mm x 19UB

Needle beams – UC’s
152mm x152mm x 23UC
152mm x 152mm x 30UC

Needle beams – Rectangular Hollow Sections
100mm x 50mm x 5mm
120mm x 60mm x 6mm

Needle beams – Square Hollow Sections
100mm x 100mm x 10mm