Tranco ltd Are Specialists in Steel beam Installation, design & Load bearing wall / chimney removal

We are the first contact before you think about installing a bifold doors or and structural alterations to your building / dwelling. At Tranco Ltd we can transform small spaced into large open plan areas. We can also remove load bearing walls and chimney breasts, and we find the most of the time you will have to do various types of structural reform which requires steel beam installation to your property.

Tranco Ltd offer a full design and build package or just prepare and can calculate and install structural steel beams where necessary.

Steel beam installation generally involves the modifications to the structural support of the surrounding building to accommodate your planned opening of spaces where you choose to open around your home.

We are experts in temporary support systems and Steel beam installation and provide the highest quality engineering services. We ensure all steel beam installation works are supervised by qualified engineers with a wealth of construction experience.

We provide structural calculations, preparation and Building control submission, and all steel beam installations are fully project managed by our skilled team.