Concete Cutting using floor and wall saws is a cost effective solution providing accurate cutting with low level of noise, dust and disruption to the surroundings.

Tranco are fully equipped with a wide range of floor sawing machines for sawing through reinforced concrete, asphalt and similar materials.

Skilled specialists can successfully create large openings leaving minimum reinstatement required.

Our environmentally friendly 3 phase electric floor saws are employed when noise and fume -free sawing is required in sensitive areas such as offices, hospitals, factories and schools.

Additionally, Tranco is equipped with small compact saws for those tight spots and can carry out precision sawing in virtually any situation.

Tranco can provide a skilled specialist certified and trained in Enclosed Spaces for working in a confined space environment if your project requires it.

“Darren is not afraid to invest in his company to make sure they are the best they can be , they have the latest respirators and HAVS monitoring is carried out as standard. EWSP look forward to working with Tranco on future schemes”

Mark Green, Whitendale project for UCLan